kevin.garyDr. Gary is an Associate Professor (tenured) at Arizona State University Polytechnic Campus in the Department of Engineering, College of Technology and Innovation. Dr. Gary is a software engineer by academic training and industry experience. His general areas of research include software architecture and design, software process (specifically agile methods and open source software), and entrepreneurship. He is currently interested in how all of these areas may be brought to bear on technology to make people smarter and healthier. In healthcare, he has worked on projects such as the open source Image-guided Surgical Toolkit (, simulators for surgical training, and robotic applications for minimally-invasive surgery. He recently completed a sabbatical at the Sheik Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation at the Children’s National Medical Center, working in a clinical setting in the Bioengineering initiative on system integration challenges to getting technology in the OR. In the area of teaching and  learning he has worked on software platforms for higher education including the Cisco Networking Academy, Academus, and uPortal, and has devised a project-centered pedagogical model for software engineering education known as the Software Enterprise (

Health Related Publications

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Health Related Presentations

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