Nancy cooke Nancy J. Cooke is a professor of Cognitive Science and Engineering at Arizona State University and is Science Director of the Cognitive Engineering Research Institute in Mesa, AZ.  She is also Cognitive Section Editor of Human Factors, a member-at-large of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society’s Executive Council, the chair of the National Research Council’s Board on Human Systems Integration, and a member of the National Research Council’s Soldier System Panel. Dr. Cooke’s research interests include the study of individual and team cognition and its application to the development of cognitive and knowledge engineering methodologies, homeland security systems, remotely-operated vehicles, healthcare systems, and emergency response systems. In particular, Dr. Cooke specializes in the development, application, and evaluation of methodologies to elicit and assess individual and team cognition.  Based on her empirical work in her team testbeds over the last two decades, Dr. Cooke has proposed a theory of Interactive Team Cognition which is published (with Gorman, Myers, & Duran) in the journal, Cognitive Science (2012).

Health Related Presentations

Cooke, N. J. (2010). Human Systems Integration, Team Cognition, and Designing for Collaboration. Biomedical Informatics class lecture, April 22, 2010, Phoenix, AZ. Cooke, N. J. (2011).  Human Factors and Healthcare.  Invited panelist for Continuing Quality in Parallel Circuits:  HSR&D and VERC Collaboration, HSR&D National Meeting, National Harbor, MD.

Health Related Projects

Veterans Health Administration Systems Redesign Veterans Engineering Resource Centers, Mid-West Mountain VERC, 2010-2011, consortium [funds Cooke IPA and multiple task orders totaling $159,110].