Game Features

Main Menu

The first screen the seen on startup will be the main menu. The main menu shows the progression of the Fitbit Garden that is possible at the end of the period of use. Every daily addition to the garden can be seen from this menu and the entire growth cycle of the plant is displayed to allow parents and children to see the optimal garden. There are two buttons in the main menu screen: Start Game: This button opens the current garden screen where the parent and child plants are displayed and the progression of garden growth will occur. Parent Goals: This button opens the dashboard where parents can input their expectations for goals that they wish their child to achieve.  

Growth Progression

Once in the current garden screen, the game will follow a cycle of events that will allow the garden to grow each day based on Fitbit data and parent estimates. This cycle is as follows: 1. The child plant will begin to blink. This signifies that the game is ready to receive Fitbit information and that parents should plug in their Fitbit receivers and allow the child’s activity information to be uploaded. 2. Once new information has been received, the child plant will stop blinking and a sound will indicate the game is ready to receive parent estimations. The parent plant will now begin to blink and the “Control Panel” button will appear. 3. In the control panel, parents can input their estimations on the number of minutes they believe their child has been “Lightly Active”, “Fairly Active”, “Very Active”, and “Sedentary”. Select an input box and use the touch pad on the left of the screen to input each value and press the “Accept” button when finished. 4. Once all data has been inputted, both plants will reset and begin their growth based on the current day’s information. Each plant will grow up to their score and the weather will reflect the child’s use of the Fitbit. Parent input will then be locked and plant progress will be displayed for 24 hours where the cycle will begin again.

Child Plant

Parent and child plants in garden

Parent Goals

From the main menu, the “Parent Goals” button will bring up the parent dashboard where goals can be inputted. Simply select an input box and use the keypad on the left side of the screen to input the desired number of minutes the child should reach every day. Simply press the “Back” button to return to the main menu and submit your goal entry. After the 5th day of inputting data in the current garden screen, if the child surpasses the set goal a special entity will be added to the garden to show this achievement.