Project Objective(s): Digitize the collection of teeth and provide tools for analysis and visualization of the 3D data in order to study the relationship between genetic pedigree and tooth shape.   Operations/ProblemsAreasAddressed: Digitization: A large number of casts of teeth must be digitized as accurately as possible; issues such as scan registration, holes, occlusion. Morphometric Analysis: Measurements from physical and digital casts will be used to study particular aspects of tooth shape. Visualization & Analysis: 3D rendering and surface analysis in order to study tooth shape from remote distributed locations over the web. Technology and Impact: Enabling Technologies: For studying , analyzing, or measuring 3D shapes over the web. Access:  Will create an online platform for disseminating a large battery of metric, morphological, and pedigree data from a large collection of pedigreed dental casts. Preservation: Preserve a unique, sensitive resource that is non-replaceable, fragile and virtually impossible to replicate in today’s world. Society: Impactful research that affects theoretical, clinical, and medico-legal arenas People: ASU: C. Stojanowski,  J. JFemiani External: W. Duncan (ETSU),  R. Scott (UNR) Sponsor(s): National Science Foundation (NSF) Users/User Community:    Scientists, Anthropologists, Students., and Policy Makers Future Funding Targets: NIH, NSF